Hi good afternoon, welcome to our company website. Today I want to introduce a Clothing store display furniture how to start a business for clothing shop.

Clothing store decoration is deep learning, it can reflect the taste of the owner, but also highlight the charm of clothing. In the decoration of clothing stores, the most important thing is to create a neat and bright display environment. The decoration need not too complicated, which will distract customers. In short, clothing store decoration is not an easy task, and it must combine with clothing display to achieve a very good effect. Next, let’s learn how to do the decoration of clothing stores together.

Store Exterior Color

Attention to clothing store decoration, color has a great impact on the store, and color basically positions your style and age. Generally white, blue and yellow are some of the more common colors that are not used in fashion stores. White is usually more formal, yellow is generally more children’s. Scarlet, gray, bright white, silver and some other younger and more fashionable colors.

3D design drawing for the Clothing store display furniture how to start a business for clothing shop:

How to start the clothing store furniture design?

Firstly, 500$ – 800 $ for the 3d design deposit but it will return to you when order. So actually it is for free to you.

Secondly, please send us the floor plan of your clothing store. If you have other requirements please feel free to ask us.

Third, we will send the 3d draft design drawing to you within 3-5 working days.

If you don’t satisfied with the design, we will change for you as you like.

After you confirm the final 3d design drawing, we will send the quotation to you.

Before the production, the customers pay 50% deposit and we will make the construction drawing for you.

In the end, we will send the production pictures to you during production.

Finally, 50% balance before the shipping and then we ship it out.

Welcome to inquiry if you want to open a clothing store.



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