Nail polish is very normal in our life. You can see that there are many girls have a beautiul nails with different color. The beautiful nail will make the hands more beautiful and attractive. That’s why so many gilrs like to do thier nails. Women is a big supermaket in our life, so you can catch the oppertunity to start your business.

Firstly, you need to find a good purchasing channel. And you also need a space to sell the product. So you need a kiosk to sell your goods. Next, I will share the kiosk to you aa a reference.

Nail Polish Display Stand

The kiosk has three display stand. Front of the kiosk has two display stands which can display the nail polish on the top. The body of the two rounded stands has a drawer which you can store the goods. In order to make the display stand more high-end and unique, the surface of the stand has the poster which can advertise the goods and make the stand more high-end.

The back of the kiosk has a wall display stand. The middle of the display stand has a logo which is acrylic logo.  we also can make it into stainless steel logo. And the top half part is display area and the bottom of the stand is storage area.  Back of the stand has a huge logo which can make the whole display stand more unique and professional. 

There is a floor on the kiosk which can make the kiosk more high-end and tidy.

Light Strip: Surrounding of the floor install the light strip to make decorate the kiosk. Each bottom of the display stand has a light strip, each layer of the shelves has light strip. Light strip will make the whole display stand more high-end and professional.


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