Custom metal frame retail kiosk for mall T-shirt printing

Now many people choose to start their business with a small kiosk instead of a big store. Because a mall kiosk can help you to start the business but can save some money. Do you want to start the business to sell the T-shirt? Are you looking for a company that can design and produce the T-shirt kiosk for you? Come on, we are the right company you are looking for!

Our company professionalized in the design and production of the T-shirt mall kiosk. What we specialize in is to make a new kiosk design all customize as the requirement of our customer. We make unique kiosk design and do the best work for you.

3D T-shirt printing kiosk design

Please see this 3d design picture. This is a top view of the T-shirt kiosk, and you can see the layout of the entire T-shirt retail kiosk. The whole T-shirt kiosk consists of two “L” shaped display areas on both sides, with a large work table and a cash register in the middle.

We can note that the top is a glass display, which can be used to display boutique, small accessories, material accessories and so on. Also, please note that all the T-shirt display areas are open and inside are lockers. The whole kiosk provides adequate storage. Meanwhile, for all the drawers and cabinets, we will install the same lock with key for you. So that you can lock it when close on the night.

And on the T-shirt kiosk, we can see many small graphics for the decoration. For the corner on the T-shirt kiosk, we have a small display stand with glass shelves to display the hats. The whole T-shirt kiosk has four corners for the small display stand to display the hats. We can see it in the design.

This is another angle to better understand the whole kiosk. We have two entrances for the customers to come in. So that the customer can walk in through both sides of the T-shirt kiosk. This is more convenient for the customers to come in.

For the color of the T-shirt kiosk, you can choose any color as you like. We can combine your logo on the kiosk to see which color is good.

The production pictures of the T-shirt kiosk

This is the real production photo of the T-shirt printing kiosk for your reference. All the squares around the T-shirt are used to show a T-shirt. When the T-shirt kiosk installed in our factory, we will send the pictures and videos for you to check. And we can for sure it will be more beautiful when it is installed in the mall.

We can see from the production picture of the kiosk, there is a sign that is an advertising machine, which can play video, pictures and so on. The operation is very convenient, connected to Wi-Fi, directly on the phone to play it.

This is the picture of a cashier desk and workbench, so all of your printers and bag sealer can be put here, Don’t worry, there are enough sockets on the counter.

All the locks we make are open locks, you only need one key to open all the drawers, very convenient. There are plenty of drawers and storage space under the workbench to store T-shirts and some packing supplies.

We have lights installed at the bottom of the whole T-shirt kiosk to make the whole counter look bright. There are two hat display cabinets on both sides, you can not only sell T-shirt but also sell hats.

Please note that we are a customized manufacturer, we can customize a new kiosk according to your requirements. And our professional pair can do new designs for you.

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