10x12ft Custom T-shirt Kiosk Retail Clothing Display Stand For Sale

Custom T-shirt is a famous industry in these few years. So many businessmen are willing to open the T-shirt kiosk in the shopping mall to start the business. Why do many companies choose T-shirts for custom advertising shirts? We see that basically many companies’ advertising shirts are T-shirts. Why? Next, I will talk about the benefits of choosing a T-shirt.

1. Customized T-shirts are cost-effective. 

If it is a company’s custom work clothes, there must be a lot of them, so choosing cost-effective clothing can save money. T-shirts are one of the most affordable and easy-to-wear styles. Cotton T-shirts cost 18-39.9 US dollars, while Polo shirts are more than 30 US dollars. In addition to pure cotton, T-shirts are functional. Of quick-drying T-shirts. These T-shirts are much cheaper than Polo shirts because of their simple style, but the quality is indeed the same.

2. Customized T-shirts are loose and comfortable. 

Most of the T-shirts are looser. For the summer, most of the T-shirts are more restrained. As work clothes, they are definitely not so comfortable. So the mood of the employees in daily work will definitely decrease. , And looser T-shirts make the activities of employees at work more relaxed and comfortable.

Please check this T-shirt kiosk design. The size is 10x12ft, material use plywood and glossy white and glossy black laminate. And the logo is the acrylic lighted logo. The glass is 8mm frosted tempered glass. Every shelf with the white color Led strip lights.

How to do a customize T-shirt kiosk design?

Firstly, you will need to find a location to put this kiosk and get the size of it. If you have the location, you need to show the 3D design to the mall or landlord.

Secondly, pay 300$ for the design deposit we will customize a new T-shirt kiosk to you. In fact, it is for free, because we will return to you when order a kiosk.

Third, show the design to the mall or landlord for approval. We will help you to revise the design until you get the approval.

Finally, 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping. We will offer the shipping service to you. ( To the destination port or door to door service ).

The story of this T-shirt kiosk:

This customer is from USA, and he ordered one by one kiosk from our company. The same design with different kiosk size. Our customer do custom T-shirt service and he has an online shop also. Although many people want to shop online but still have some people go to the shopping mall. Because they can try clothes is suitable for them or not. This is the advantage.


Some questions the customer asked:

Customer: How to do the assemble of the T-shirt kiosk? Is it difficult?

Answer: For this T-shirt kiosk, we will do the installation in our factory. And then we will pack the whole T-shirt kiosk divided into a few parts. You just need to open the package and put them together. We have the construction drawing for the layout. You can put them together according to the floor plan. Finally, please connect the male and female connectors to the power supply of the shopping mall. Then the T-shirt kiosk it can work.

Customer: How can I receive the T-shirt kiosk? Because of your factory in China, so far away from us. 

Answer: We are located in Shenzhen, China. Our company do the export service. And we ship the kiosk by sea to our customer. Usually, we ship the kiosk to the port. If the customer need the kiosk very urgent, we can also ship the kiosk by air.

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