custom high-end nail bar for mall

dear friends, do you have an idea to open a nail bar in the mall? that is very good business ideas, nail manicure is very popular for the woman if have the plan to start a nail bar business, below some ways to help you how to start a nail bar in mall.

1. the shopping mall is a very good place to open a stall/bar counter, it has a dense flow of people and can help you get more benefit, so if you want to start a nail bar, choose shopping mall is very nice, first you need to talk with the mall manager to rent location , when you talked very well, they will give you a rent lease with location size, contract time, and so on .

2. you need to find a supplier to help you design and manufacture nail bar, if you have ideas with nail bar design, like how many nail station, whether also need pedicure service, how to display area, in all, if you have a concept, we can design based on your ideas, make it for real, if you no any ideas, that’s also okay, only tell us your location size , our designer is very professional , she will make suitable layout to send u confirm. during whole design, we will send u confirm and then revise, till final confirmation.

3. about materials choose. it depends on your positioning if you want to build high-end and make it for the brand, we will suggest countertop for man-made stones, it can let your kiosk more high-end, consumer experience also is very comfortable.

so if you want to open a nail bar, the design is very important steps, if you have a design, only send us for the offer, if you no design, we can help you design, welcome join us.  

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