Nowadays, more and more people start to Pay attention to external decoration. Salon service is very popular all around the world. Especially eyebrow threading service. you will notice there already has a special store to eyebrow threading service. and start your business with a small eyebrow threading kiosk in the mall is a very good option.


More introduce about this eyebrow threading kiosk.

Size: 3000X3000mm.

Color:  white, purple.

Material: MDF, tempered glass.

Accessories:  acrylic logo, lightbox. mirror.

As you see this eyebrow threading kiosk, is square shape, very modern and simple. the main tone is purple and white. the whole kiosk is opening, the client can direct go to inside. the inside has four eyebrow threading station with mirror and cabinet. for the whole kiosk surface with lightbox and luminescence acrylic letter.



What tips need the notice to build an eyebrow kiosk.

Located: if you want to do good business. It is advantageous to be in a good position. A good location will ensure adequate passenger flow.

Material: usually salon kiosk will use MDF as the basic material, the surface will use glossy baking painting finished, it’s very exquisite and high-end.

Style: Make a comfortable and exquisite kiosk is very helpful for your business, you can consider making it match the whole environment. maybe add some solid wood and metal decoration can make the whole kiosk more attractive.


Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build an eyebrow kiosk like this one or more related information, please feel free to contact us here. welcome inquiry!

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