2019 most popular eyebrow kiosk design ideas share with you

Still looking for unique and attractive eyebrow kiosk design? Want something different from other people’s kiosk?

Come here! Today I want to share you some 2019 most popular eyebrow kiosk design ideas.

1. Use natural wood stripes as the main kiosk decoration

Nowadays more and more people prepare natural look for kiosk surface decoration. So to meet customers needs, many kiosks designed used natural wood stripes, on one hand, this kind of wood is very durable and strong, on another hand, it looks very natural, high-end and nice. Now let’s share some kiosks designs:

Elegance brows and Exquisite brows are two brands, you see they all used solid wood stripes as surface decoration.

Looks very nice and special right?

2. Use curved shape modeling to make your kiosk more special

Recently found many customers prefer this kind curved shape, they want their kiosk looks from outside more special.

This kind of circle shape can give people a special feeling.

3. use Irregular geometric shape to give people a visual impact

After see many normal brow kiosks designs, I believe you of course want something creative can catch your eyes. Irregular geometric shape as usually can create a special feeling. here let’s see some examples.

4. add some round signs in your kiosk design will be a nice idea

See above two designs, the round shape sign and display idea add a lot of color to the eyebrow kiosk design.

If take off them the eyebrow kiosk will become very normal. How do you think?

Above four ideas can be some reference, if you have more ideas add needs can share us.

We can work together, we have a professional design team, will design a unique and attractive brow kiosk for you.





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