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eyebrow threading kiosk

With the improvement of people’s aesthetics, eyebrow threading pavilion has played a very important role in our lives. It can provide eyebrow threading service, eyelash extension, and other services, and you can also learn more about beauty. In addition, we can also choose the right eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, etc. Today, I want to share with you a very popular eyebrow threading kiosk, you can see it and other similar styles in stores in the United States.

Description of wood eyebrow kiosk

The entire information kiosk is rectangular, including work area, rest area, cash register and display area. For the eyebrow threading kiosk, the work area and display area are very important. Because the beautiful and tidy work area is the key to keeping customers, and the display area can put more products to help us increase our turnover.

The first part:

His decoration is very modern and simple. The whole display cabinet is matched with wood grain and gray color. The exit on the back is a glass display cabinet, there are 2 in total, customers can choose their favorite products when passing by. The couch can be used in the rest area, where they can wait for service. At the same time, the escort can also rest here, which can help you improve customer satisfaction and introduce you to more friends. And in the middle is a white circular sink, which needs to be connected to the water source of the mall. You can also use installation water systems. It’s very convenient

The second part

At the front are four workbenches with mirrors. A round mirror can make your cabinet look more unique. Now many beauty centers use this round mirror. The workbench has drawers and locks cabinets for easy use. At the corner is a small cash register, which is also the best place to display the brand logo. The surface of this eyebrow threading kiosk is decorated with some white and gray matching, and the wood-grain color arc decoration on the outside and the hidden white led strip at the bottom look very beautiful.

eyebrow threading kiosk

Detail introduce:

  • Size:5000X3000mm.
  • Material: plywood, fireproof plate.
  • Color: white, black, wood grain.
  • Accessories: Ceramic sink glass display showcase, led light.
  • Usage:  eyebrow threading kiosk, salon store.
  • Price: $8700 ( 100% customize and high quality).

The main material is Plywood with laminate and solid wood bar. We will help you choose suitable material to build the kiosk. You can even upgrade the materials, such as upgrade materials.

Logo information:

Acrylic logo with backlight used in most of the mall kiosk for a good looking. However, there are many other choices for the logo. Such as stainless steel logo, Neno logo, acrylic hollow logo, wood logo, light box logo, etc. The one that matches the eyebrow threading kiosk is a good logo we choose.

How to get the eyebrow kiosk?

First: decide a layout and size for the eyebrow kiosk. It’s better to show all your requirements directly. If not, please talk with a sales person about your ideas.

Second: make a 3D design model follow the layout. A professional designer helps a lot with the perfect design. Which can save your time and energy with the final design. And also can understand your needs quickly.

Third, Production of eyebrow kiosk. Production progress based on the design drawing, so you should check the design carefully.

Finally, receive the kiosk and use it. The kiosk is fully made in our factory, but it will package in several boxes. Just put them together and use them. It’s very easy, but we recommend to find a an electrician to help you connect the power supply, if you don’t know anything about circuits

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