Nowadays, fresh juice has become a favorite drink for modern people with its fresh taste, healthy way of health and rich nutrition. It is a necessity for people who are pursuing health and quality of life.

Concessions Juice cart mobile food cart for sale

And everyone likes to drink freshly squeezed juice. Whether you are shopping or going to work, you will buy a cup to drink, because it has a good taste and rich nutrition, which is very popular among everyone. Nowadays, there are many juice kiosk in the shopping mall, and there are certain differences in the sales of different brands. Therefore, it is very important for our customers who want to start a business to choose the right one.


Juice cart

But if you don’t have enough money to rent a space in the shopping mall, and you don’t have enough money to make a juice kiosk. We suggest you make a juice cart will be better for you. The juice cart is very convenient and useful. You can take it anywhere you want. Such as an amusement park, zoo, street, and other outdoor areas.

The material we used for the juice cart is MDF with yellow color baking paint. And with a tricycle, so that you can ride it to everywhere you want. The price is very cheaper than you open a juice store. And much cheaper than you open a juice kiosk in the shopping mall. So this one is for everyone want to start a juice business.

If you want to start the juice cart business or have any ideas about the juice food cart. Don’t hesitate, welcome to inquiry. We are online anytime. Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd has a strong and professional design team, we will design a new juice cart for you all as your requirements.

For the design, we usually charge 300$, but it will return to you when ordering a juice cart. So actually it is for free.

Any questions please feel free to contact us on Email: sales08@uniquekiosk.com.

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