The food cart is a very popular business idea, it can locate in a mall or outdoor, it can for selling candy, coffee, juice, donut. ice cream, crepe and more.  usually is in small size, it’s easy to move it . in this article what I wanna share is a commercial coffee cart for your meet.  

What points you need the notice to build an outdoor food cart. 

  • For most outdoor carts, the important is waterproof. sunblock. 
  • Portable,  easy to operate and move. 

Like this cart is can for selling coffee, juice, and donut. size is 1900x900mm, 1970mm high. the basic material is solid wood, the surface is Varnish, the top is a metal frame with black baking painting, match logo, and sticker. you will notice the cart also with a hand wash sink, it’s easy to clean. the back sides also with wooden shelves, can put some snack on . the bottom of this cart with some cabinet, it’s very nice for storage. the whole cart with a bike can direct ride it on the street. Are you attracted to it?

coffee cart coffee cart

If you wanna start your outdoor food business, An attractive design is necessary, It can help you attract more customers’ attention. Secondly, high-quality service and unique eating experience are also important .

the unique kiosk as a direct supplier, We are committed to customizing and designing different types of food cars in mall or outdoor. We handle the entire process, from working through your budget to developing the design to manufacturing the unit. If you want high quality, tailor-made kiosks carts, we are the construction company for you.


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