Mobile coffee carts of fast coffee stand for sale

Street food is easily found recently, coffee cart, crepe cart, bubble tea cart, and ice cream cart always has good business. Are you looking for mobile coffee carts for your business? It’s a good idea to buy a mobile cart and start a business. Here is a nice coffee cart kiosk with a nice design for sale. The size of these coffee stands is customized.

Stainless steel coffee cart for sale

Not like other businesses, a coffee cart is widely accepted because everyone likes to drink coffee. Because coffee can help us improve our work efficiency, people in the office often drink coffee at noon and during the break to improve our work efficiency. The coffee cart includes a working table, push hand, move wheels, locked drawers, and cabinets, top ceiling, brand sign, and posters. If you want an attractive effect, we recommend adding a lightbox, spotlight, and even stickers.

Color decoration:

Color is the most important part of the coffee cart, please choose a suitable color to match the theme. We see the most of coffee cart has a dark color, such as brown, black, gray, etc. It’s like hot coffee color, people will remind you off when seeing the color. In fact, when more and more people know you, you will have a good business and also upgrade business or attract more investors.

Material introduction:

  • Detailed size of the carts: 1.5 meters*0.8 meters*2 meters.
  • Material: Stainless steel, MDF, baking paint, light, man-made stone.
  • Logo: a 3D backlit logo with led light, acrylic LOGO.
  • Function: Fast coffee service and coffee bean sales.
  • Load bearing capacity: Steel wheels can hold over 300 KG
  • Warranty: 5 years.

How to custom made coffee cart?

As for a custom made coffee cart, we recommend leaving more time to get it. Because this coffee cart is customized, and we do not have any stock. The average delivery time is 15 days, If you have a large quality of one same model, we can give you a discount price and negotiate the delivery time schedule. Here are the steps to make a mobile coffee stand.

First, choose a size to start

If you have to move to different places, we recommend size 1.2m to 1.8m. Good to move to different places and good for business. While you have a fixed location, recommend 2m or larger size, as it can place more items.

Second, location and the target people

The decoration style is decided by the target customers. If your client is an office worker, the design should be more business-oriented. And in the food court sales, you need a more beautiful and eye-catching theme. Because only in this way can your shop be selected. If you are going to buy coffee in a residential area, the design should be more intimate.

Third, make the CAD design as you need

It’s better to find a professional designer. They can help you make words come true. You can also see a good looking and reasonable construction mobile cart at the end. If there is something, not matches, they can modify it better soon.

Finally, confirm the final drawing

The final drawing is to show the real looks of the coffee cart, including size, color, brand letter, and even show the machine area exactly. Very cool and helpful. We don’t have to imagine and save time to do more meaningful things.

More pictures show


Production will also follow the confirmed design drawing, so please make sure everything is correct. If you need any information during production progress, please ask the salesperson for help. They will update produce photos of the coffee cart for you and can even take videos in need. Thank you for reading.

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