yellow coffee cart design used in the mall

are you planning to start a coffee business? that really is a not bad idea, coffee is very popular with people, making also is very easy;  preliminary stage, if you want to save cost, you can consider building a cart to sell , even if making a cart you still can sell in the mall.

about a coffee cart, you should see many different styles, like the dark color, retro wood,  but you should less see fresh color, like yellow, if you like creative and fresh color, below this style coffee cart you should like it.

this design looks very fresh and attractive, yellow match black is very harmony, cart with the handle and bottom wheel, you can mobile it very easy, also have a simple roof with the top spotlight, homologous below also have the spotlight, when night, they are very bright for sell.

cart size: 1950*700*2300mm  this is very general size, this size area you can put a coffee machine, a juice machine, ipad,  inside of cart has drawer and cabinets for storage.

about cart material, 4 black column is steel, it has very good bearing load and bear top roof, cart body is MDF with baking paiting, use MDF baking paiting, because baking paiting effect is very high-end, looks very gloosy, cost also is low.  countertop is man-made stones , easy to clean when dirty.

thank you for your time, if you are interested in our this coffee cart, welcome inquiry.

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