Colorful candy store display furniture toy shop showcase

A beautiful candy shop design is very important for your business. If your candy store is very attractive then it will attract more customers to come to your shop.

But the question is how to make it beautiful and attract more customers? That is something we are worth thinking about. You can visit our website for some design ideas, I hope you can get some help. In this post, we would like to introduce a colorful candy store design to you.



I want to introduce this candy shop design start from the layout. Actually, for a candy shop, we cannot make it too narrow, although we need to have enough space for display the products. On the back wall it has the wall display cabinet with glass or wooden display shelves.

A candy store not only need the display area but also can add some recreation facilities. Then the children can play here and this can be an attractive place. We can add some seating area for their parents to have a rest. On the ceiling it hang on many candy models and ceiling lamps.


If you want to start a candy store, we suggest to make a customized shop design first. You can choose your favorite style of the display showcase on our website. And then we will make a new 3D model with your shop size and put your favorite display furniture in the shop. Usually for the display furniture of a candy shop, we need a cashier counter, the wall display cabinet, the display stand and so on.


After we discuss about your favorite style and details, we will start to make the 3D design. Usually we will send it to you in 3-5 working days. And then you can check and get back to us if anything need to change. Our design team will change the design according to your need.

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