Colorful candy store design sweet display stand

Now many people want to start a candy shop business, do you know what are the reasons? First, the candy is low-cost and long shelf life food. And also, the most important is many people like candy, this is one of the hot sale food. Today we want to share with you a colorful candy store design – Sweet Life shop. If you are looking for a candy store design idea, this post can give you a big help.



Beyond the arched entrance to the candy shop bordered by neon lights, a lively collection of patterns and colors refreshes the eye and opens customers’ appetites for flavorful sweets. Custom wallpaper covers all the walls with stripes and candy graphics.

It has many candy display stands in the sweet shop. A series of customized display cases are both functional and decorative. Colorful stickers adorn the layered circular candy display cases, while additional arched shelves of bottom drawers add a touch of white to the room. And add some structural and visual interest to the walls.


This is a so lovely and attractive candy shop design. I think you may love it. If you are looking for such a shop design like this, we can make it for you. Our design team can make a whole shop design for you. It includes the candy store display furniture, the ceiling, the flooring and the lighting.

To make a professional candy shop design for you to see the whole shop effect. Then you can know what do you want and how to prepare this shop project. We believe such a 3D candy store design can help you a lot.


If you want to make a customized 3D candy store design to start the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help. Click here to start!

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