Fancy sweet shop furniture candy store interior decoration

Sweet food can let us feel happy. A candy store is a place frequented by children. Designing the walls and shelves of candy store into colorful will attract more children. Add some cute candy decorations and doll models to make the whole candy store look very beautiful. Our website has many candy stores design and business ideas for your reference. Let us learn something about the sweet shop design together.



Today let us see the details of this fancy candy shop design together. The whole sweet shop gives us a sense of innocence. We can see the display stand and on the wall decorated with rainbow-colored stripes. On the shop ceiling hang on some candy models, the wallpaper and floor are all lovely patterns. We can put some colorful lights on the ceiling to let the candy shop look more bright.

This is the wall display showcase of the candy store. We can use the acrylic container to display the candy or chocolate on the wall shelf. Add a few candy stickers or a lighted box on the display showcase to make it look even better. For the size of the candy display showcase, we can make it customized with your shop size. The standard size is 1000 x 350 x 2200mm, 1200 x 350 x 2200mm, 1500 x 350 x 2200mm or any other customized size.


Before we make the candy store design, we can discuss and have an idea about the shop layout first. Please send us your shop floor plan, we can arrange the layout for you. Usually, we need a cashier counter, some wall display cabinets, some middle display stands, and some candy store decorations. The style of the furniture you can choose on our website or any other new idea, we can make and show in the 3D design.

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