Clothes, Shoes, Handbags Retail Kiosk With Display Racks For Sale

Open a clothes kiosk retail business in the shopping mall is the easiest way to start your own retail business. Compare to a food kiosk or concession stands. Clothes retail kiosk is much easier to handle. But the key to a clothing retail business is the location and display fixtures. Whether you use display cabinets or display rack to show products. The design must be modern and high grade.

Clothes retail kiosk design for the mall

Here below is a nice multi-function retail kiosk concept. As seen from the 3D rendering, we have shoe display shelves, clothing display racks, handbags display slatwall, and also hooks for other accessories. With such a mall kiosk, you can display as many products as you want. It almost used every part of the kiosk to display. Whether you want to display a T-shirt or pants, this kiosk concept will have space for you. Furthermore, if you need a customized rack or display stands. Our designer can make you a fully ideal concept with your certain requirement.

Do you want the same clothes retail kiosk to start your own clothing retail business? Contact our sales team now.

clothes kiosk

The size of the kiosk is: 4*2.5 meters

The price of this clothing kiosk :$ 5900 USD

clothing kiosk

From the back view of the kiosk design. We can see a small retail counter for the cash register is integrated inside the kiosk. The clients can easily choose a favorite product and get ordered onsite. The open design gives the client more space to walk inside to choose.  If you have a better idea or kiosk concept want to build. Welcome to send us an inquiry.

handbag kiosk

How to make a customize clothes kiosk?

We can offer the customize kiosk design service to you. Please send the size and if you have the logo also can send it to us.

Our design team will customize a new clothing kiosk for you with your logo and size.

Customize 3D kiosk design service will charge 300 USD design deposit. But the design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you order the kiosk.

And then we will send the 3d design to you within 2-3 working days after we receive the design deposit.

If you check the design some areas not good, we will change for you if needed.

After we confirm the final 3d design of the clothing kiosk, we will make the construction drawing for you. You can send it to get approval from the shopping mall and for you to check before we start the production.


Some questions you may want to know:

Customer: Where are you located?

Unique: We are located in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is one of the most beautiful cities in China.

Customer: How can I do the assemble or anyone can help me?

Unique: We will do the assemble in our factory and ship the kiosk to you by sea. After we finish the installation, we will pack the kiosk divided into a few parts. The installation of the kiosk is very easy. You just need to open all the packages and put them together according to the floor plan of the drawings. If the kiosk has the electricity you can connect the wires together to the shopping mall power supply then the kiosk will work.


Unique kiosk design and build clothing display stands, clothing stall, clothes store fixtures according to customized requirements. When you want to start a clothes business in the mall or looking for retail kiosk cart ideas. Please visit our company website and find the best suitable kiosk design for you.

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