Classic style jewelry shop design wooden display showcase

Jewelry is a kind of decoration. For many people, when they think of a jewelry store, they think of gold and silver jewelry, and everything in it is very expensive. But with the continuous improvement of living standards, the demand for jewelry stores is also growing.

Especially for some female friends who love beauty, but also can not lack decorations. If you want to open a jewelry store, how to choose the decoration style? So what problems should be paid attention to in the decoration of jewelry stores?



This is a classic style jewelry store design. Against the wall of the jewelry shop has the wall display cabinet that can display the earrings, necklace and rings etc. For the jewelry store interior decoration, we can add the lighted logo and some decoration.

It has a small cashier desk and a design with a small glass display area on the front. On the wall of the jewelry shop, we can add some lighted boxes for advertising.

For the layout of the jewelry store, we can discuss and make it according to your need. Which area displays what product, we can arrange for you.



We have our own factory and a professional design team. Whatever style of jewelry shop you want, we can make it for you. Our design team can make a customize 3d jewelry store with your shop size. Before we make the 3d jewelry shop design, we can make a floor plan or layout for you first.


The most important is the 3D jewelry shop design. Because this will be exactly what your shop looks like in the future. And if need changes for the 3d jewelry store design, we all can make it for you. After you are satisfied with the 3d design, we will make the construction drawing.

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