Luxury Jewelry Shop Interior Design Exquisite Earrings Necklace Display Counters

When we visit the mall, we will find that the decoration and design of many jewelry stores are very similar. How to decorate your jewelry store is appropriate?


Whole Jewelry Shop Furniture Layout

When choosing display furniture for showing jewelry products, we usually choose counters with a shorter height, which makes it easier for customers to select products. So you can also see from the 3D design that the overall display furniture of this jewelry store basically adopts a highly consistent counter display style, with comfortable chairs, which can greatly enhance the shopping experience of customers.

According to the size of the store, we placed a row of counters on both sides of the store. The middle area of the store is wider, so we chose double-row counters. There are also some showcases on the walls, with a human-shaped bust display, which can better display the characteristics of your jewelry products.

Jewelry Shop Design

The impression that jewelry gives people is generally very luxurious and expensive. So when designing these display furniture, we use black and more gold. For example, as in the design of the store, the main colors used in the overall design of the store are golden and black, and the overall effect is very high-end.

In addition to designing various display furniture for your shop, interior decoration and ceiling lighting are also included. Let you design once, complete once.


When you plan to open a new jewelry shop, the design is essential. The 3D design will let you see the whole shop layout and effect, can let you see it whether meet your needs. In fact, making design is the process let your ideas come into reality.


Before design, you just need to choose a favorite style, tell me about your needs and ideas, send me your shop floor plan, pay the shop design fee, they can start it. Our design charges USD500-1000 depending on your shop size.

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