Classic style coffee shop design cafe bar counter to the USA

A coffee shop is a place for people to relax and enjoy. Sometimes there will be guests chatting or studying in the coffee shop. And there will also be guests doing some creative work in the coffee shop. Therefore, the decoration environment is very important for a coffee shop.

The determinants of the decoration environment of the coffee shop generally depend on the decoration style of the coffee shop and the market positioning of the coffee shop. Here we take you for some decoration styles of the coffee shop.


This is a warm coffee shop and the environment can let the customer feel very relaxed and comfortable. For the cafe bar counter use black quartz stone countertop and geometric pattern counter design. On the front of the cafe counter has the bar chairs can for the customer to sit. And on the back of the cafe bar counter is the wine display cabinet.

The seating area of this coffee shop is also very comfortable. It has the sofa seating area, dining table and chairs for 2 people, 3 people or 4 people. The whole cafe shop effect is wide, not suggest to make the shop too narrow. Because the customer goes to the coffee shop they want to have quiet chat, work or study. The coffee shop environment needs to let the customer feels quiet and comfortable.



You can check on our website for some cafe shop designs and let us know your favorite. Our design team can make a new 3d shop design with your favorite shop style and size. We can start from a floor plan first then make a customize 3d shop model. We are welcome to any idea about the coffee store design.

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