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cosmetic store display

Are you looking for nice cosmetic shop furniture? Everyone likes to buy products and experience service in good-looking shops. It’s a good idea to open an upscale shop to attract eyes’ attention and can also help you earn more clients. Today, I want to share a metal feature cosmetic shop design with you.

Information about cosmetic shop furniture

The main style of this shop is Chinese style, we can use it to display cosmetics, skincare products, perfumes, etc., and the combination of black and gold makes your shop more luxurious. This invisibly improves the level of your store and highlights the value of the product. You can choose this style of decoration whether you are in a shopping mall or open a cosmetics store on the street. The size and number of counters depend on the size of your shop, we can also match kiosks according to our ideas.

cosmetic display shelf

makeup counterWall display shelf

As we can see from the picture, the entire back wall is a black display stand with gold metal support. It has many layers, and each layer has a circle of lights. This can better display products and facilitate customers to choose. And at the bottom is a cabinet, which can be regarded as decoration or used to store things.

Individual display stand

There is 3 individual display stand set in front of the wall. You can place cosmetics here for the main showcase. Near it is a metal display table with chairs, clients can sit down and accept services.

cosmetic display counterThere are wall cabinets that have a black backboard with gold decoration, looks very elegant. You can also attach your brand name and logo here to leave a deep impression.

Waiting area

There are seating tables and chairs near the entrance, their friends can sit down for a while. Poeple can also sit here waiting for service.

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