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Drinking a cup of coffee after work is a relaxing way for urban office workers to feel more comfortable. The atmosphere and environment of coffee shop decoration is the reason why many people like this kind of leisure place. It’s a great place to talk or spend some quiet time alone. 

So if you want to open a coffee shop, the main thing is to pay attention to the cafe shop’s interior decoration design. Our website posts many coffee shop designs and business ideas. Now we want to share a cafe shop design with you.



This is the work counter of the coffee shop. For the material, use marble and wooden color laminate, countertop use grey man-made stone. The counter on the front is mainly for display and cash out. On the countertop put the glass display showcase to display some cake, bread, biscuit or other foods.

The counter on the back side is for making the cafe and food. It has a water sink and equipment machines on the countertop. On the wall, it has some display shelves that can display some hot sale coffee or cups. Also on the wall has the menu so that the customer can see and order what they want.


If you like this coffee shop design, we can make a new shop design with this style but with your shop size. Because your location is different, and the equipment is also different. That is why we need to do a customized shop design first. Please send us your shop size and equipment list.

The designer will make the coffee shop design with your shop size and leave enough space for the equipment. Meanwhile, we can see how the whole cafe shop looks.

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