Do you plan to open a jewelry shop in the mall center? It’s very important to custom a unique jewelry kiosk when making a business plan. With the development of the jewelry industry, jewelry cabinets become more sophisticated and practical. A good jewelry display cabinet can both help you win customers and make profits. If you find a location in the mall center and ready to start a business, please don’t miss this jewelry cabinet I shared today.

Why choose a customized jewelry kiosk?

In addition to adding the LOGO and styling you want, it has other advantages. Let’s take a look.

1. Personalized design

With the further improvement of people’s aesthetic level, personalized jewelry display cabinet customization is more likely to be favored by customers. The unique kiosk in Shenzhen has a professional design team, who will design the shape, material, style, and space utilization of the display cabinet according to the customer’s preferences and the actual situation of the store.

2. Use space more equitably

The design of the jewelry kiosk is not only a good place counter. More importantly, we will change the layout, color, etc. so that you can make full use of the space. And arrange showcase area, storage area, experience area, sales window in a good location.

3. Get the mall approval soon

Usually, the mall manager requires to review the design drawing. And make sure that everything is meet their demands, such as material, color, and style match to the mall. The drawing can explain everything clearly. Besides, if you think somewhere should be better, it’s easy to modify jewelry showcase in the drawing.

Real picture show

From the picture, we can view the details and layout directly. The kiosk dimension should match the location you have, so you can cover the space and place more items for sale. Do you think so? Let’s view how the jewelry kiosk looks like.

jewelry kiosk mall jewelry booth jewelry shop furniture jewelry cabinet

Description of the wooden jewelry kiosk

From the picture, we can see the main color is brown wood color. The front side has a glass sales window, you can display valuable jewelry here to attracts more people. The middle is the entrance door to enter the shop. When entering the shop, we can see there are many center display counters with seats. Clients can sit down and purchase their favorite products. What attracts me most is the back wall cabinets, which can show more products in a good way. You can even put the brand logo on the counters and back wall, so clients can remember you well.

For most of the jewelry shop furniture, it includes a sales window display showcase, back wall cabinets, center display counter, back wall high stand, brand logo wall, checkout counter, etc. We can also make top ceiling decoration, Led light also very important in a shop. That high level your shop and showcase products in an attractive way.

  • Item name: Solid wood jewelry shop & mall kiosk
  • Main material: Plywood with solid wood surface
  • Other material: Tempered glass, Light lamp, stainless steel, etc.
  • Brand logo: Acrylic logo, 3D luminous logo, Wooden color, etc.
  • Function: Display showcase jewelry and sell products
  • Color: Wood color, brown, or any other color you require
  • Design idea: Follow on special ideas
  • Design time: 2-3 working days
  • Production time: 28-30 days
  • Shipping time: 28 days by the sea, depending on the destination port

How to produce the jewelry kiosk?

We should first confirm the design drawing. From the design picture, we can see what kind of kiosk to made. And the construction drawing shows how to manufacture the jewelry shop furniture step by step. So it’s very important to make a 3D design before production. We should take pictures and videos to show you how to build a jewelry kiosk. You can see all the detail directly in the real picture also show package pictures before shipping. That means you control the whole production process directly. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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