The museum first collects, collects and protects items with historical significance, cultural relic value and aesthetic models. The second is an exhibition space to display these collections to the public, and the third is education. The museum shows us these objects, and shows the development process of human civilization history and art history, and what great things have happened in natural evolution. Understand human science, technological progress, etc.

Why go to the museum?

  1. The museum is a systematic arrangement and visual presentation of history and knowledge. The folk tales, legends, books, etc. we come into contact with belonging to fragmented knowledge. The museum is organized according to historical vertical lines. Different cultures, historical sites, and cultural relics in various periods are typical and representative and can reflect the characteristics of the times and local characteristics. Compared with the text in the book, the various objects are more impressive.
  2. The museum contains the blood of culture. The invaluable artefacts, paintings and calligraphy displayed in the museum are actually carriers of culture. Through them, you can see and feel the changes of the times. They are witnesses of history and the embodiment of culture.
  3. The museum is also a place to enhance your taste. One person who sees more museums will cultivate outstanding taste. It can help you achieve a calm and quiet state and can let you appreciate the beauty of art.
  4. Museums can reduce your chances of being deceived. A person can not be deceived by the second-best and bad when he sees too many good things. I have seen a lot of genuine treasures in the museum, and then you can tell the ordinary things immediately.

Description About museum display cabinet

Glass cabinets are now the main way museums hold exhibits. Originally, the museum’s exhibits were placed on wooden pallets and on the table for people to watch. Because there were no suitable materials to protect the cultural relics from harm during the visit. At the same time, the possibility of the collection being opened to the public is blocked. With the advent of the industrial revolution, people have mastered the production technology of flat glass. So the display cabinet made of plate glass and Bogu structure became a tool for displaying the collection. At present, most of the museum showcase glass adopts a sandwich structure with good toughness. He can absorb the impact force and protect the cultural relics and the audience from harm when the glass is broken.

Today I want to share with you a unique and splendid museum display cabinet decoration. Whether you are starting a museum or displaying your own collection, this museum display cabinet can help you very well.

As we can see in the picture, the main colour of the museum display cabinet is grey and black colour. It brings us a sense of dignity and dignity. Let us experience history and culture in awe. You can decorate the museum exhibition hall in chronological order and category. Golden colour in the wall with solid wood bar decoration makes the museum looks unique and luxury. It not only highlights the characteristics of the collection but also allows us to better experience the story behind the collection. Collectables experience the changes of time, it allows us to feel the ancient culture and life. Therefore, museum display cabinets need to better present their characteristics, so that people can truly review the history and understand the stories behind them.

3D design picture show

museum cabinet museum showcase display showcase museum display counter

How to make a museum display cabinet?

  • You should measure the museum store size and confirm the whole decoration. It’s better to find a professional design team to help you make the 3D design. The design drawing will according to the museum size, colour, layout, style and display items.
  • Check the layout of a museum display cabinet and museum decoration. If there is somewhere not good enough, please modify in time. If you like drawing, please confirm it and order soon.
  • Production the museum display cabinet according to the confirmed design. Before production, the designer will make a construction drawing with detailed information. You should check the size and everything clearly. Because it shouldn’t change when building it in the workshop.
  • Every step will show you exactly in the process picture and video. So you can see how your own museum being production. When all the items finished, we should test the museum display cabinet to make sure everything works well. Then clean the museum showcase and package the items for transportation.
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