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Many shop owners open a children’s clothing kiosk in the shopping mall and earn money. Parents focus on the growth of their children, and they are willing to spend money to buy clothes for their children. It’s a good idea to rent a small location to start our first business. Today, I want to share a small children’s clothing kiosk with you. It is easy to operate and get a return in a short time.

Children clothing kiosk introduction

clothes cabinet

Mall kiosks usually include a display counter, hanging display rack, brand logo, cabinets, etc. We can arrange the location size well to show more clothing. Which can help us save money and make full use of space.

Size introduction

This clothing kiosk size is 2m by 2m, a very mall size in the shopping center. Since the location is small, we can add the clothing display racks and models on the side to catch people’s eyes.

Decoration introduction

It has mixed color, dark blue in front, red color at the ceiling and inside furniture. While the outside display is silver with white color. They work together to make the display case look very unique and attract the eye’s attention.

Clothing kiosk

Clothing display rack introduction

There is an L-shaped reception counter at the entrance, clients can check the bill here. The counter body has a red logo facing the clients, they can know and remember you better. While the left side of the clothing kiosk is open cabinets and shelves with a display shelf on the wall to increase the showcase area. The outside wall is a small model to show T-shirts and round decorates. We can see on the right side is a display rack with a hook and a multi-level display shelf.

Large brand signs place here for both decoration and leave a deep impression on people. The top color is red on the front and blue on the back. It is inclined like a staircase to increase the design sense of the clothing kiosk and make full use of the space. We can also add a TV player on the top ceiling for video advertising.

Material information

mall kiosk

Basic material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Countertop: Double-layered glass

Decorate surface: Stickers

Other materials: Wood logo, lightbox posters, stainless steel, etc.

How to get the clothing display rack?

Our customer-first sends us an inquiry and tells us he needs a clothing kiosk to sell children’s clothing. Then we confirm details of clothing display kiosk decoration. Since every customer wants a unique and modern kiosk different from other customers. We have to create 3D design models according to their requirements. Then, produce it according to the confirmed design. In this way, you can get the same clothing display kiosk as you want.

How to produce the clothing kiosk?

children clothing kioskFirstly, make the wood body according to the kiosk design. Our workers cut up the wood panel into the piece and then build up the kiosk body

Secondly, paint the kiosk into target color and finish. The colors of the kiosks are different, and we have to paint another color after the first paint dries. This step takes about 15 days because we have to paint at least 5 times to get the perfect finish.

Thirdly, assembly the light and cables inside the kiosk. We can install lights and wires for lighting and decoration. And a socket will be installed at the cash register for use. This step is very important, please tell me in advance what socket and voltage in your country.

Finally, complete the clothing kiosk and test it in the showroom. We will first install the clothing display kiosk and make factory tests to ensure that each part is working properly. And will take the video and photo for you to confirm.

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