Black color clothing glass display showcase clothes kiosk in the mall

Do you want to open a clothes kiosk in the shopping mall? If you want to start a clothing business but do not want to open a big shop. Then you can make a small clothing kiosk.  Because the kiosk in the shopping mall not a big size but also can display the clothes.

Today I want to share a clothes kiosk with glass display showcase for you. Hope you can get some idea and some tips to make a clothes kiosk in the shopping mall.


Mall retail clothing kiosk

Customize size for the clothes kiosk

The size of this clothes kiosk is about 3x2m on the 3d design. We customized this clothes kiosk with the customer’s location size. Because we are the customize kiosk factory. So we can customize the size of what you want.

So before we start the clothes kiosk, you need to discuss with the shopping mall management to get the size first. And then please get back to us the size or any requirement from them.


Clothing kiosk design

On the 3d design of this clothing kiosk, we can see in the front has 2 glass display showcases put together. The design is a geometric pattern with the black showcase. It has the warm white led strip lights on each layer of the glass display showcase and the stainless steel toe kick.

On the back side, it has a clothes hanger to display some clothes. This area can display more clothes than the glass display cabinets.


The material of the clothes kiosk

For the material of the clothes kiosk, it can make as your need. Usually, for the clothes kiosk we will use MDF with baking paint. And the glass material is 8mm tempered glass. For the clothes hanger on the back side, we will use stainless steel material.

If some shopping mall require the fireproof material, we can use another material. Another material of the clothes kiosk is plywood with laminate.


More details about the clothes kiosk

How to do a customize clothes kiosk design?

Our company offer the customize kiosk design and manufacturer service. So we will make a 3d design customize with your need first. For the customize 3d design of the clothing kiosk, we will charge a 300$ design deposit. This is a small deposit of the total cost and for our better cooperation.


How the production of the clothes kiosk work?

We need to confirm the 3d design of the clothes kiosk first. And then we will make the construction drawing for you. Before we start the production of the clothes kiosk, we will confirm all the details with you. For example, the size, the material, the color, they are all in the construction drawing.

After we confirm all the details of the clothing kiosk. We will send the 3d design of the clothing kiosk and the construction drawing of the clothes kiosk to the factory.

Wooden body – baking paint – install the electricity ( all the wires and sockets, led strip lights ) – install the tempered glass. 

The whole clothes kiosk we will install in our factory to see the final effect. We will send the final production of the clothing kiosk picture and video for you to check the quality and all the details.


How can I receive the clothes kiosk?

Our company is in Shenzhen, China. So for the delivery of the clothes kiosk, we will ship it to you by sea. You can send us the destination port and then we will check the shipping cost for you.

We also offer the door to door service if you want. For the shipping time, we can give you an estimate time for your reference. Usually, to the USA need 28-33 days and to the UK is about 18-25 days.





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