Hello everyone. Welcome to our company website. Today I want to introduce a Candy store display furniture cake showcase candy kiosk on sale. We are the customize manufacturer in Shenzhen, China for ten years of experience. We have our own factory and professional design team. Our office is near the workshop, so we can take the production pictures to you at any time. If you have any interest, please welcome to visit our company.

Our address is: No. 36 Dakang Rd, Henggang Town, Longgang Dist. Shenzhen, China.


How to decorate the candy store to be more attractive?

Use bright colors

Choose bright colors for the decoration of candy stores, which will more easily attract customers’ attention and allow more potential customers to enter the store. Most of the guests in the candy shop are young people, students, or middle-aged and elderly people with a lively mind. The dark colors are not suitable for the warm and beautiful trend of desserts. Therefore, when decorating a candy store, pay attention to the use of bright colors.

Be fashionable

As a trendy store, most of its customers are fashion people. Therefore, the decoration of the candy store must be fashionable and have its own design style. It can be complemented by glass counters to display desserts and stylish and interesting patterns drawn on the wall. Such as hand-painted, comics, etc., to increase the cute and stylish atmosphere of the candy store.

There is the 3D design of the Candy store display furniture cake showcase candy kiosk on sale:

How to start the 3d design drawing if you want to open a candy store? What is the order process?

First, if you want to open a candy store, you will need to find a location. It is better to open in the busy streets, supermarkets, amusement parks.

Second, please send the floor plan of the candy store to us and your favorite shop style.

For the candy store display furniture, we will charge 500-800 USD design deposit ( depend on your shop size ). But it will return to you when order.

Third, we will send the 3d design to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

After you confirm the final 3d design we will send the quotation to you.

Then 50% deposit before the production, 50% balance before the shipping.

Finally, we ship the candy store furniture to your destination port or door to door address.


Please welcome to contact us if you are interested in our candy store display furniture, thank you very much!


Contact us:

Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
Wechat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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