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Hello everyone! Welcome to visiting our website. Are you looking for a candy store kiosk? Many people like sweets, especially children. If you want to open a candy store, please focus your eyes on. Today, I want to introduce a cute candy store furniture. When opening a candy store, it can be used as the basic design. Let’s learn more about it.

The basic tone of the candy store is pink, a very cute color. It has a very simple design but looks beautiful and can display all kinds of candies. There is a reception counter in the entrance, customers pay cash here. On the back wall is a large illuminate brand logo. The ‘L’ shaped shelves used for display candies and hot selling products. We should put attractive posters on the top ceiling to high light your store and guide customers to choose the candy in your store. And the 3-layer display stand used to show most customers favorites’ candy and promotional candies. Inside of the display stand is for display candy. So you can quickly replenish products for customers to choose in time.

candy store furniture

The left side is like a small is a small house design. The counter top is pink color with white spray decoration, don’t you think it’s like ice cream? And the counter top has the same decoration, the body consists of pink solid wood bar. You can sell more products here like ice cream. It can also display many things here and also used like a warehouse. Please don’t ignore the spot light on the top ceiling. It’s not only for bright, but also for decoration.  Isn’t it an amazing design? Do you like this cute pink candy store decoration?

candy store kiosk

More information

We use plywood as the basic material. Other materials include lamination, light box paint, stainless steel, spot light, illuminate acrylic logo, locks, etc. If you need to add more kiosks to the store, please let us know. A new 3D design with all your own ideas takes about 4 working days. We are looking for hearing from you. Thank you for reading.

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