Creative Candy Store Fixtures Colorful Display Rack Design

The candy store is a very popular service all around the world. It is not only for children but also for girls. It is indispensable in many festivals and celebrations. For many businessmen, to start a candy store is a very smart choice. You don’t need so many experiences for it. The low cost can create high returns.

In this article, the one I wanna share is a very creative candy store design. hope can give you some ideas.

Introduce more details of this candy store.

  • Size: 10x10m. Or we can customize based on your store size.
  • Color: white, yellow, pink, purple, green, blue or any other color you want.
  • Material: MDF, acrylic.
  • Accessories: light, acrylic box, poster, hardware and so on.

When you saw this store’s first eyes. Did you fall in love with it? The whole store is a square shape. And the shop is opening from 2 sides. So that the clients can come in from each side. The whole candy store is very colorful and attractive. Please kindly check the floor plan layout of the candy shop below.

The details of this candy shop design:

There has a small cashier counter at the front part. It is in the “L” shape. And there also have some display shelves on the front side. You can display some candy products on the candy wooden display shelves. Then the customer can also choose some candy when they at the checkout.

In the middle of this candy store is some small display stand. (double sides for display). Those small display cabinets with snail shape and the display showcase with wooden or tempered glass shelves. A long square shape display counter with candy box. The below of the long square shape display counter has the cabinet for storage. And the round shape display stands with balloon decoration. Very attractive!

You will notice there also have a candy tree. Below are the colorful wooden shelves to display candy. On the candy tree is some lollipop decoration. Very beautiful.

There is some high wall display cabinet on the wall with colorful decorative stickers. Pink color, purple color, green color, blue color, red color, very colorful. For the right side is some high display wall with wooden shelves. They are pink and purple color and look very nice. On the wall candy display showcase, you can put different kinds of candy or other foods. The display candy showcase has candy dispensers and some candy box. The next is some slatwall, match hook for display some bags of candy. Below are some drawers for storage.


Customize the candy store design:

What we do and what we professional is to customize the candy shop with all our customer’s requirements. The display showcase shape, size, color, or material all can customize as your need. You can send us the floor plan of your candy shop. And then at the first step, we can make a 3d shop design customize as your shop floor plan size. If need any changes to the candy store, we can make it for you.

After we finalize the final 3d design, we will make the detailed construction drawing of the whole candy shop. We will send to you to check the dimensions, colors, floor plan, electrical plan, materials and so on. Finally, we will install the whole candy store in our factory. And then we will pack the store display furniture divided into a few parts and send it to you.


Thanks for your time and reading. If you’re interested to start your candy store. Please feel free to contact us for more related information.

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