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About dessert, the most popular dessert candy shop is here, tell me do you like dessert?

That I speak first, I stepped into the work of this for more than three years, I love to eat sweets more and more, I think it has a relationship with my work, I’ll communicate with different customers every day about the design of the sweet shop, how to choose the custom dessert shop furniture, and how to customize the candy store inside ark to, when we put the customer’s idea into reality, works when she received the recognition from the customers, I am very happy, slowly I fell in love with dessert, more in love with the job.

Today we completed the design of a candy store from a customer in the United States and will show you the following:

  • A design for a candy store seen from the front

  • We chose the lovely snail-shaped candy display showcase in the middle of the store, which is a very creative idea, it must be very popular with children.

  • A candy store design seen from the top

  • Through this design, you can see the furniture of the whole store, it is colorful and colorful and Lots of different shapes of candy display showcase


Let me know do you like this candy store design ?

For a professional candy shop manufacturers, this is nothing, we are the world’s famous brand manufacturers, with more than 20 years of experience.

We offer a one-stop service from an idea-design-confirmation scheme – producing all the furniture in the candy store – shipping – installation.

Plz contact us to get the quotation.

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