bubble tea display station juice kiosk in shipping center for sale

hello , my friends, very excited to meet you everyone here again. today we introduce shipping center bubble tea display station juice kiosk in mall for sale . Thanks for your reading and love it . Now Spring is coming to an end, and hot summer is coming soon. When we refer the words”summer” , many friend think they can not survive without ice juice,expecially the bubble tea. when you feel hot ,Extreme thirst,  drinking the juice from the bubble tea store. you will feel refresh immediately,remove heat of the  whole body. meanwhile, If you are craving bubble tea in the  freezing winter, then you can find it available in hot varieties to help you warm up, so bubble tea is popular the whole year.   


why choose bubble tea display station

bubble tea display station

Materials show

materials:  The basic material is Plywood .The surface of the counter is artificial stone,which it looks fashion and high-end. and we can easy to clean it since it is smooth . Layout: The whole bubble tea display station shape is rectangle. this side is cashier counter, led light Logo, while the opposite  side is the door. The other two sides is counters. we can put the machines and sink on it. Size: 3*4m(we can design the size follow on your requirement)


  Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

whatsapp:+86 13410688780

email: sales03@uniquekiosk.com

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