Brown Color Coffee Kiosk Modern Design for Outdoor Usage

coffee kiosk

Do you buy a cup of coffee in the street? Most people’s answer is yes because it is convenient to taste coffee on their way to work and even hang with friends. If you plan to start your business, coffee kiosks fit outdoors help you well. Today, I want to share a nice outdoor coffee shop sharing with you.

Description of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk size is 4m by 2m, we can also customize it according to your shop size. The main tone is a brown effect with solid wood counters. It is convenient to use and highlight the products. We can use the same color you want to build the coffee kiosk. Your new ideas can also add to the kiosk and make it unique.

Layout information

This outdoor kiosk has a brown solid wood frame with warm spotlight decoration, that looks very high-end. We can see there is a black frame in the middle, that is mainly used as a sales window. Clients order and pick up a coffee from here. There is a glass display cabinet between counters, you can use it to show food, like cupcakes and donuts to increase sales. Advertising posters and menus hanging on the top, guide people to buy their favorite dishes.

outdoor kiosk for cafe

While the backside of the coffee kiosk has a wall display cabinet and working table. We will leave space for necessary equipment, such as a coffee machine, and blender. We will also receive sockets in advance for usage. The water sink is also set on the countertop.

Material information

As the coffee kiosk is used outdoors, it has to bear changeable and even terrible weather. So we use metal to struct the kiosk frame as support, it is safe to use. Then we will decorate with plywood, the surface is preservative wood material. Anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, beautiful and durable.

If you want a unique coffee kiosk, please contact us. We are glad to customize one for you.

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