Attractive style coffee food booth outdoor retail kiosk design

Coffee is a popular drink all over the world. People who want to start a food business can try to open a coffee shop. Before you start the business, what should you prepare and how to start it? It is not easy to start such a business if you are the first time. But don’t worry, follow with us then we can guide you on how to do it.

In this article, we want to introduce an attractive style coffee food booth outdoor retail kiosk design to you. Let us see the 3d design of it.



This is a coffee food shop open in the outdoor. It is like a small house and you can close it at night when you work off. The surface finish of this outdoor coffee kiosk is tiles decoration with white color man-made stone countertop.

The ceiling has the spotlights on the top to light up a whole outdoor coffee shop. On the wall of the outdoor coffee food booth has a blackboard that can write the menu and some wooden shelves to put the coffee bean.


Half of the inside space for the coffee outdoor kiosk is the kitchen and another half is the service counter. The entrance door is on the back. And near the entrance door has an L shape bar area.

The customer can have coffee in this L shape bar area and enjoy their time. It is a good design for this outdoor food booth to have a coffee bar counter with serval bar chairs. Meanwhile, the lights on the wall look comfortable.



For the material of the outdoor coffee food booth, we need to use strong and durable material. The basic material is metal, plywood. And the surface finish is the aluminum-plastic panel, laminate and stainless steel.

We will set up a whole outdoor coffee kiosk in our factory including the electricity, logo, lights and all the hardware. The outdoor food kiosk needs to disassemble or not depending on its size. If the width is within 2.2m and the height within 2.4m can fit in the container then no need to disassemble.

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