What I want to introduce to you today is a kiosk that sells kitchenware. Kitchenware is needed by every household. This kiosk is used to sell porcelain bowls and plates. I believe that every kitchen has a lot of bowls and plates. When we go shopping, if we encounter nice bowls and plates, we will buy them. You can buy more things like bowls and plates.

This type kiosk does not only sell the bowls and plates, but also can sell the porcelain. Different style porcelain will have the different function. Many people will keep the good appearance of the porcelain.

Mall Display Showcase

You can see that this kiosk has a total of three sides of the display, and the other side is an open area, so that it is convenient for customers to move around and sellers can better interact with customers. This kiosk has three small display stands. This kind of pattern display can give customers a good impression.

Layout of the Mall Kiosk

The front part of the kiosk has a cash register area, a display area, and a logo area. The logo display is usually placed in the middle of the counter so that customers can easily look through it. On both sides of the logo is the display area, you can put your own popular products. Generally, the display area will have laminates and light strips. This will show the advantages of the product. The counter-top can also display some porcelain so that customers can see it better.

The left and right sides of the kiosk are display areas. There are shelves on the counter-top on the left to decorate the whole cabinet. There is also a corresponding service area on the right. Can help customers to pack porcelain.
Behind is the public area, only three small stands. The display stands can display the product to customer.


  • Size: 2.5*4m
  • Material: wood, acrylic, stainless steel, and glass
  • others: sockets, locks, light box

Production Process

The process include the 3 steps. We need to do the wooden cabinet firstly. During the step, we will reserve sockets place, logo place, and the light box place.  We will do the wood board firstly, then assemble them into wooden cabinet. Then we will do stick the solid wood. Final step is to install the accessories to make the kiosk more complete.

How to Make Design?

We are a custom manufacturer, and can customize the mall kiosk for you. You can tell our sales all of your needs for the kiosk, then our sales will get back your ideas to our designer. They will display all of your needs on the 3d design. And you will see the whole effect.


If there are any modification, we also can assist your modify it and get the approval from the mall.


Question From Customer

How long will i receive it?

The time include the design time(3-5working days), production time(22-25 working days), the shipping time( it based on which country you located).

How can i install?

We will produce it several parts according to the drawings. When you receive the kiosk, you just put these part together. Final connect the mall power supply, the kiosk can work successfully.

How about the order process?

  • Firstly, need to do the 3d design with your size, needs and mall requirements.
  • Second, after you get the approval from the mall. We need to produce.
  • Third, please arrange the 50% production deposit before produce
  • Fourth,  quality testing , and take the photos and videos to you
  • Fifth, Installation
  • Sixth, packed( use the wooden box for outside, EPE foam and film for inside)
  • Final, Shipping
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