Simple retail mall kiosk design socks display showcase with lights

Socks are one of the accessories of clothing. Like our clothes, they are indispensable necessities for people. There are many styles of socks and their prices are cheap, so if you want to start a small business, we suggest to make a socks display stand is a good choice for you. Today I want to introduce a simple retail mall kiosk design socks display showcase with lights to you. Let us see some detailed design as following:

Socks kiosk design for the shopping mall

The size of this socks kiosk is 7200x2700mm, very long size and it combines with many small display showcases. On both sides there are some small display stands with wooden shelves. Every display stands include the led strip lights and the below has the cabinets with the same lock with key. The below cabinets of the socks display showcase you can storage something here, like the socks, hats, scarves and so on. And the color of the socks kiosk is mainly white color with a little green color.

From this 3d design picture of the socks kiosk, we can see another view of the socks kiosk. Some of them are wooden display shelves, and some are hook display. On the wooden display shelves, you can display the socks with the feet model on them. And the hook display you can hang on the socks directly. In the mall retail kiosk, you can not only display the socks but also can display some other clothes accessories like hats, scarves, gloves and so on. And in the middle of the socks kiosk, has some small and long display shelves for the products. For the material of the socks, it is MDF with baking paint, below install the stainless steel toe kick to protect the socks kiosk.

How to customize the socks kiosk?

Our company is a customize kiosk factory located in Shenzhen, China. We do customize service and offer the best quality and sales service to you. In our company, you can exactly what you want and the best service. The first step is to make the new kiosk design for you. We will customize a new socks kiosk with your size and logo. For the customize 3d design of the socks kiosk, it charge a 300 USD design deposit. But the 3d design deposit of the socks kiosk will deduct from the total cost when you order. This is the company rule and it is for our better cooperation.

After we send the 3d design of the socks kiosk to you within 3-5 working days. We can make the changes for you if you want. After we confirm the 3d design of the socks kiosk, we will quote you the exact price of the socks kiosk. You can send the 3d design of the socks kiosk to the shopping mall for approval. Before we start the production of the socks kiosk, we will make the construction drawing and send it to you for final confirmation.


For the packing and shipping:

The package of the socks kiosk is foam inside and wooden box outside. It is a strong wooden package for the kiosk. So the customer doesn’t need to worry about the damage during the shipping. We will buy the insurance for you then if the kiosk get damage during the shipping, we can apply the compensation from the shipping company. For the shipping, we can arrange it to you. We can ship the kiosk to the port or to your door to door address both ok. We can check the shipping cost of both for your reference.

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