UK Photo Printing Kiosk Unique Mall Service Counter for Sale

Photo printing kiosk is easily shown in the shopping center. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people value life and record their changes and beautiful scenery through cameras. Today, I want to share a unique photo printing kiosk with you.

UK photo printing kiosk design

exhibition booth

The photo printing kiosk includes a display showcase, working the counter, reception counter, brand logo wall, etc. We can also leave space to place the photo printer. Let’s view more details together.

Layout decoration

As we can see in the picture, the front side has a glass display counter. It is stairs style to place photos in order and also display photos frame on the countertop. The left corner has a high stand for the brand logo and TV player, behind it is a slat wall to hang photos to increase the showcase area. While the right corner is a wood display cabinet with a shelf. We can display other products here.

mall kiosk

Next to it is a slat wall display to hang small-size photo printings. While the top has photo printing standing side by side. Closed to it is a place for a photo printer, it’ a very good place as it near the entrance and computer. It is convenient to use and even reduces customers’ waiting time. In front of the computer desk is a place to hang products for the ceiling. We add a light lamp under the counter for the showcase. We also put brand names and posters here. So people can see and find us better.

On the right-left side are glass display showcase counter, multifunction display counter. It has a glass display panel on top and a glass cabinet at the bottom. The corner counter is the small height for showcase cups and pillows. We can also view it as a mall display kiosk for retails.

Color decoration

The main color of the kiosk is light grey and wood surface. It highlights the photo printing kiosk in the mall. We can also choose another color to match the brand sign.

retail service kiosk

More information:

Size: 4m*2m

Design idea: According to UK customer’s requirement

Material: MDF and plywood

Surface material: Baking paint, veneer, laminate, etc.

Logo: Acrylic with light

Other materials: Lightbox, stainless steel, tempered glass, slat wall with hooks, etc.

How to start a photo printing kiosk?

First, choose a place in the shopping mall. A good location helps us bring more target customers. It can also give us mall decoration ideas because the landlord usually has their own rules.

photo print kiosk

Second, sign the contract and rent the location size for the business. We can also tell them about our decoration idea to make sure they agree with it.

Third, find a designer to help us make kiosk design. A professional design is necessary because it makes the image into reality. And we can also see every part directly.

Fourth, confirm the design drawing. We can confirm we like the design drawing first. Then submit it to the landlord for approval. If there are any new ideas, we can change them in time.

Fifth, produce the photo printing kiosk. Production is followed by the design drawing. And workers pay attention to it to make sure everything is correct.

Finally, packing and deliver the goods. We will use bubble foam to protect the mall kiosk well. Outside is wood box packing fit for shipping. When you receive it, just unpack the goods and put them together to use.

Installation details

The kiosk is easy to install. As we will assembly it in the factory and take a photo to show the real effect. Then divided into several parts as plan. So the owner has to put them together and connect wires to use.

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