Black Color Nail Bar Station Manicure Kiosk in Mall

nail salon station

The nail bar counter is a good place to sell nail polish and provide manicure service. When opening a nail bar kiosk, the owner can control the cost. Please pay attention to this essay if you rent a small location in the mall. This nail bar counter looks elegant and high level your nail shop.

High-end Nail bar station design

This nail kiosk occupies a location of 2m by 2m, less than a standard size 3m by 3m. However, if you want this style to fit another size, our designer can help you create 3D design models with your logo. The main color is black with a white counter and pink brand logo decoration. The roof is illuminated by warm light bulbs, clients can see you from a far away.

nail kioskService counter

The front side has a long service counter, it has 3 bar chairs here. Clients sit down here to accept nail art services. They can also try nail polish effects and buy what they like. While the bottom area can set drawers to store more items.

Back wall shelf

The back wall has multiple shelves to place nail polish in order. There is a white light plate behind of lower counter, which can highlight the nail polish. It can also express colors direct to clients. Under counter has lock cabinets to place more nail polish for sale.

nail barRoof with brand sign

The top ceiling has white letters to leave a deep impression on people. Lightboxes posters attach directly under the white letters.

The top ceiling has a curved shape with many bubble lights in lines. At the front has a large Neon sign in purple color.

We can also put up posters, TV players behind the wall facing the public. People who pass by can understand your business well and attracts by the hot sale items.

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