Black Color Jewelry Kiosk Exhibition Booth Stand for Sale

jewelry kiosk

Jewelry kiosk is very important in the exhibition. It’s not only a location to show jewelry, but also a good way to promote your company and brand. Today, I want to sell a nice jewelry kiosk with you, You can use it in the jewelry shop, exhibition, and shopping center.

Jewelry kiosk design

This jewelry kiosk includes a glass counter, ceiling, divider wall, and reception counter. It fit a location of 4m by 3m area, depends on your location size. The main color is black, which creates a high-end and luxury effect for your shop and brands

Layout information

jewelry shop jewelry cabinet

Front side

As we can see in the design, there are glass counters in the front. Clients can select and purchase the items directly. It has a curved corner to increase the showcase area. Next to it is a reception area, customers also enter the shop from this exist. Inside the jewelry shop has tables and chairs. People can sit down and learn more about your company and products.


The back and side have many divider walls to separate your shop from others. You can add lighting, wall cabinets here. Posters and brand signs can also attach here to make people learn more about your business.

jewelry stand

Material information

Main material: Plywood and MDF

Surface material: Laminate or veneer, baking paint

Support material: Metal tube to support the ceiling

Other materials: Tempered glass, acrylic logo, stainless steel, stickers, spotlighting, ceiling light, light lamp, flooring lighting, etc.

It is a customized jewelry kiosk, everything depends on your requirements. No matter how unique a jewelry kiosk you want, we can build it for you. And even draw a 3D design to show your kiosk. We have an excellent design team and a skilled manufacturing team.

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