High-End Jewelry Kiosk Design Jewelry Glass Cabinet with Light

Are you looking for a jewelry kiosk for business? We recently have made many jewelry kiosks with wonderful designs and structures. Jewelry kiosks in the shopping center include a glass display cabinet, storage counter, cashier counter, brand logo, and advertising area. A matching jewelry top ceiling improves the jewelry kiosk level. No matter what is your location size, this black jewelry kiosk will give you good ideas.

High-end jewelry kiosk design

This jewelry kiosk has many glass display counters on four sides. So that people can view and purchase the jewelry from all directions. Glass display cabinet are not in the same level, makes the kiosk looks better and people can also view some value items at the first sight. Inside has a high wall display up to the top ceiling. Please ask the shopping manager if they are allowed to attach a big ceiling to the mall. Otherwise, we have to find out other ways to support the ceiling

jewelry kiosk

More information

About size

This jewelry kiosk needs a large location. However, if you have a limited space size, just let us know in advance. We make it the same size you require based on the same style.

Color description

Dark colors like black, gray, and brown always use to create a high-end and upscale shop theme. It also gives people a good feeling that the jewelry is over worth the price. The gold color adds the effect of luxury and wealth. The decoration of the shop can better make the products meet people’s expectations.

Material introduction

Materials to build this jewelry kiosk include MDF, baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, metal frame, light lamp, etc. The surface of the cabinet is frosted, which can absorb light and make people feel comfortable. Baking paint is acceptable in most shopping centers. The countertop is made of marble stone, which is strong and attractive enough to match the store level. However, we can also change materials to Plywood with laminate or wood to makes the jewelry kiosk different.

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