Golden Metal Surface Jewelry Kiosk Watch Showcase in Mall

jewelry kiosk

Are you looking for a jewelry kiosk for business? A high-end jewelry kiosk is not only has a high level of your jewelry shop but also attracts more clients. Jewelry kiosks usually install in the shopping center and can serve people from all directions. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry showcase with you.

Golden color jewelry kiosk design

As we can see in the design, this jewelry kiosk is in gold color, looks very upscale, and attracts eyes attention. Size is 4m by 2m, it can also make other sizes as you want. This jewelry kiosk has a glass counter, hexagonal counter, lock doors. We can also add a brand logo and cashier counter for checking bills.

jewelry shopLayout information

There are glass display counters on four sides, it has multiple glass shelves inside the counter. Which place more rings and necklace. Front outside, it looks like a stairs shape, that has a wide bottom and narrow top. Open doors set behind it, only the salesperson can open it, so that clients can’t reach without permission. It protects jewelry in a good way.

4 corners have hexagonal counters with glass shelves. Its views from the outside as a diamond shape. We can also use this as mainly a showcase area. High-value items and hot-sale products can place here.

jewelry cabinet

Material information

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Golden metal

Kicking material: Stainless steel

Glass showcase material: Tempered glass

All the glass showcase has a light lamp to increase brilliantly. We can also add flooring lights to guide people. This jewelry kiosk allows customizing design and layout. If you have new ideas, please contact us. Our designer can draw a 3D design to show what your jewelry kiosk looks like. Just contact us and get your jewelry kiosk design soon.

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