Black and Green Food Service Counter Fresh Juice Kiosk to Adelaide

We recently made many special fresh juice kiosks. They are based on different ideas and ship to different destinations. Today, I want to share a popular fresh juice kiosk with you. It’s ship to Adelaide, Australia. As for a food service kiosk, you can sell fresh juice, hot coffee, smoothie, etc. Let’s view more details together.

juice kiosk

Fresh juice kiosk decoration

The decoration is a very important part of a service kiosk. It makes your shop outstanding and reflects brand culture. Besides, good juice kiosk decoration attracts target customers and help you increase sales.

Color decoration

The main color of the juice kiosk is black, and the green frame fits the theme very well. The pavilion is decorated with artificial green plants, giving people a sense of being close to nature and healthy. This is what people are most concerned about.

Layout decoration

It fits a 5m x 3m location in a shopping center. In the front is the checkout counter in the middle, with glass display cabinets and display machines on both sides for displaying take away food. There is a billboard behind the logo. Behind the stand is a long working bench with machines and locked cabinets. A water sink is also set in the back wall. Another countertop is a sealing machine and juice machine, the cash register is beside them. Customers can also pay bills here to avoid waiting in line, which improves work efficiency. There is a center display shelf in the middle. It can be used as a divider while placing items for easy access.

bubble tea kiosk

Logo decoration

There are many different kinds of logos, we should choose one for business. This juice kiosk uses a 3D luminous logo, an acrylic hollow-out logo with a light, acrylic logo. We can also consult a designer to help us with the logo.

Material introduction

This juice kiosk uses Plywood to make the wood body. Plywood is waterproof, wear-resistant, and strong, it is widely used to make food kiosks. The surface material is black laminate and solid wood finish. It is environmentally friendly materials and widely accepted by the shopping center.

The back wall is finished with black tiles, which look like a kitchen at home. The service counter and working bench cover with marble stone. Marble has a strong bearing capacity. It can protect the kiosk body when placing the machine on the desktop.

We usually use 8mm clear glass on the working bench. It allows customers to see the steps of making juice while away from the workbench.

juice booth

How to make the fresh juice kiosk?

The business plan always takes time to complete, we can first find the location and confirm details with the landlord.

First, we should decide juice kiosk design

Usually, the landlord has requirements for the material and shape of the mall kiosk. It’s better to make a 3D design for approval and we can also see how it looks like in real life. If there is any change, the designer can also modify them in time.

Second, choose a factory to make the juice kiosk

A professional factory helps you make kiosk design come true. And you can get a high-quality kiosk with the brand name. Custom made kiosk usually takes time. We can leave at least 25 working days to manufacture.

fresh beverage kiosk

Third, assembly kiosk and start business

The kiosk is complete in the factory. It has a light, wires, a display showcase, etc. A salesperson will take pictures and even videos to show how the process and really looks to use. Then workers pack the counters individually according to the construction plan. When you receive the goods, just put them together in the right place and connection wieres. It’s very easy.

Where to pick up the goods?

When it’s shipping by sea to the port, we can pick up goods from the destination port or yard. For airplane delivery, the goods arrive at the airport near you. We can also choose DDU to the door service, and the goods will send to the address. Just unload it from the truck and deliver it to the booth.

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