2021 New Invention Juice Kiosk Popular Beverage Booth to Seattle

Bubble tea kiosk and fresh juice booth are popular shops in a shopping center. Fresh juice is considered a healthy drink, especially in summer, drinking juice can not only quench our thirst but also help us drive away from the heat. A fresh juice kiosk includes a working bench, display counter, bill counter, logo wall, poster wall, lock cabinets, etc.

bubble tea kiosk

Description of purple-black juice kiosk

Color decoration

The main color of the juice kiosk is black with purple light decoration. It makes the juice kiosk looks elegant. The countertop and wall top is white, which catches the eye’s attention and good for prepare food. If you like other color, we can also use another colors.

Layout decoration

This juice kiosk size is 6m by 3m, a large food kiosk in the shopping center. We can see a black and white cup model in the front corner, it uses as a bill counter, and clients can order different tastes according to the menu. The front side has a long bench, people can take their drinks here. A big brand sign put here for attractive.

The backside is a large back wall for lightbox posters and display shelves. And people can’t see inside from the backside, so if you get a location closed to the wall, please use this design as the first choice. The back counter mainly used to put juice machine, fridge, etc. When place coffee machine here, you can also sell coffee to increase sales.

Material decoration

Basic material: MDF with baking paint

Countertop: White marble stone

Light: Acrylic with light

Accessories: Stainless steel, hardware, etc.

Logo: 3D luminous logo, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc.

juice kiosk

How to make the fresh juice kiosk?

Firstly, find a place for the fresh juice kiosk. A good location bring us a good business. So please pay more attention to it.

Second, lean mall rules about the food kiosk. Different shopping center has different requirements about food kiosk. Please discuss details with the management before start.

Thirdly, make the 3D design drawing to meet the demands. You can find a professional design team to help you. 3D design service is neccery for new business plan.

Fourthly, confirm the final design drawing and order. If the manager wants to review the kiosk, we can also send the design for approval.

How to manufacture the juice kiosk?

Our workers is high trained and focus on the details. They should first cut the wood panel to small part according to the counter size. Then they make wood body of the juice kiosk, this step need about 5-12 days to complete. If you has a large juice kiosk, this step takes longer time. Because manual production takes time, and our workers pay attention to details to ensure quality.

Next step is paint the juice kiosk to the ideal colors. This mean if your kiosk is black color, we should paint it to black. Therefore, display cabinets with mixed colors will take longer to paint. Our baking paint has 5 processes, each process needs to wait for the paint to dry before it can start. This step need about 10-15 days.

Finally, they should add light and locked doors to the kiosk. The electronic wires is hidden inside the kiosk, so clients can’t see it from outside. Brand logo also attach to the kiosk in this step. It takes about 3-5 days. And we can see the whole juice kiosk directly.

Before delivery, we will also turn on the light to test the wires and light works well. These photos and videos will send for your confirmation.

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