The beautifully designed and attractive food kiosks in the mall are the key to business success. However, it is easy to find a design, but it is more difficult to find a suitable size and brand. But please rest assured, we have a professional design team that can customize the kiosk of the yogurt you want.
Today, I want to share a popular yogurt kiosk design. This is a frozen yogurt kiosk design for shopping malls. Its size is 4x3m. The yogurt kiosk will be used in an indoor shopping mall, and all its standards are in line with the needs of the shopping mall. All our wires and sockets meet your local standards. We can assist this kiosk to obtain the location of the mall through the standards of the mall. on the other hand. We use yogurt kiosk to customize according to your size, logo, and needs.

Yogurt Kiosk

The whole yogurt kiosk we use the MDF as a main material, the surface we will use the baking paint as a main material. We also use some stainless steel as the material. You can see we put the artificial stone as a counter top. For the logo, we will use the acrylic luminous logo, it is common in our life. If you have any own ideas, please kindly share it. We will help you do it.


For the front of the kiosk, we will arrange the yogurt display showcase for you. The back of the yogurt kiosk has the place for customer to enjoy the yogurt. It is a good ideas for the business. Because the customer can sit and relax when they are tired. We also install the cross beam to display the light box and the menu list. We also install the wall that lest the machine be seen by the customer. Most of the mall will require it. For the sides, you can see the logo and will make people know it clearly.



The time will divide into 3 steps. One is for the design time. The design time will take about 3-5 working days. But we suggest that we need to reserve about 15 days will be better. Second is production time. The production time will take about 22-25 working days. Finally, the shipping time depends on which country you located. For instance, If you located on the Sydney, the shipping time will take about 15 days. 

Production Process

Wooden Cabinet → Polish→ Baking Paint → Installation

How can we install the yogurt kiosk when we receive it?

We will separate the kiosk into several part according to the construction drawings. When you receive the kiosk, you will put the each cabinet together. Then you can connect the electric wire together. Then the kiosk will work successfully.


You need a professional kiosk manufacturer to do this professional job. We have been designing and building frozen yogurt kiosks for more than 15 years. Our kiosks have been sold all over the world. We have enough experience and construction to guarantee you a perfect yogurt kiosk. You just tell me all of your needs for the yogurt kiosk, our design team will finish it according to your needs. We also will assist you get the approval from the mall. So do not worry so much.

How to Order the Kiosk?

  1. We need to do the 3d design firstly.
  2. After you confirm the 3d design and construction drawings, we will start to produce
  3. Arrange the 50% production deposit firstly
  4. Production-quality testing
  5. Finished the yogurt kiosk, we will take the videos and production photos with you
  6. Before shipping, please arrange the rest balance payment.


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