Best Quality Outdoor Food Kiosk BBQ Bar Counter Coffee Booth For Outside

When people reach certain seniority or age, they no longer want to work outside. And they want to do business on their own. For example, someone who studies management or a family of chefs may want to open a restaurant. With a certain economic foundation, it is also very good to be in the catering industry. As long as it properly managed and persisted. It can run for a long time and open more branches. So, how to open a restaurant?

Determine the type of restaurant and the food you want to sell. There are different kinds of restaurants, whether you want to open Chinese food or Western food, etc. You also need to determine what food you want to sell. For example, coffee, milk tea, ice cream and so on.

Choose where you want to open the restaurant.

After you know the type of restaurant and the food you want to sell, you need to choose a good location based on the type of restaurant. For example, if you want to open a high-end restaurant, you need to open it near the elegant office building. If you want to open a popular restaurant, then you need to open it in a place with a lot of people. You also need to decide whether to open outdoors or indoors according to your specific positioning.

Determine the decoration style of the restaurant.

The restaurant style needs to correspond to the theme. Generally, we will customize the theme according to the customer’s logo. If the main product is ice cream and the logo is pink, then we will design some nice ice cream shapes inside. If it is a ship-themed restaurant, we can transform the seats in the store into a ship-like shape. Such a decoration style can distinguish it from other people’s restaurants and is more distinctive than theirs.

If your location is outdoor, then I want to share with you a very nice design for the best quality outdoor food kiosk BBQ bar counter coffee booth for outside. Please see below for the 3D design rendering.

What is the process of customer made this outdoor food design?

This outdoor food kiosk we made for a customer from New York, USA. Our customer visited our company website. And initiated a chat with our customer service. The customer said she wants to open an ice cream business but she doesn’t know how to start it. So then we shared the feedback pictures of an ice cream outdoor kiosk we shipped to Portugal. The customer said very good and said can we offer the ice cream machine, coolers etc. We said, yes, we offered 3 ice cream machines, blenders, 2 cotton candy machines to this Portugal customer. We can offer all the same things like the 3d design. The quotation we can quote with the equipment machines or without.

And then, the customer asked about the price of the ice cream outdoor kiosk we shipped to Portugal. That one is 5×2.2m, price 18000$ not include the equipment machines. The customer said she is excited to start. But she won’t have the exact dimension of the location so she said will get back to me next Monday. A few days later, the customer gets back to us, she said she will sign a location it is an open outdoor space. She wants to make an outdoor food kiosk there to start her first food business. We said so we can customize a new outdoor food kiosk suitable for her business. We suggest to start the 3d design and the design deposit we will charge 300$ deposit. The customer agreed and paid the design deposit.

After we receive the design deposit, the customer sent her equipment list to us. ( If you don’t have the equipment list is also ok, we can put the equipment machine on the 3d design according to what food you sell ). Then our designer started to make the 3d model finally we finished this wonderful outdoor cafe food kiosk design.

About this outdoor food kiosk coffee bar counter ice cream booth:

The customer will sell the ice cream, BBQ, coffee and other beverage, and hamburger. And some fast food like fried fish, grilled chicken, fresh fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, cole slaw and so on. Because it will open outdoor, so this food kiosk must use very high quality material. The basic and the whole body will use the metal frame. The outside finish is baking paint and solid wood. Inside the countertop is black quartz stone. And the coffee bar counter is plywood with laminate. It includes the window, canopy cloth, rolling doors, lighted box, neon-lighted logo, and acrylic lighted logo. Also, this food outdoor kiosk will install all the wires and sockets inside. So you just need to connect the wires to your local electric supply then the whole kiosk is going on.

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