Outdoor coffee kiosk retail food booth use for outdoor

The coffee business is a famous retail food industry. So many people are planning to open the coffee business. If you get a location for the outdoor, how to start? You may have many works need to do, for example, the coffee supply, the menu, the logo. But the most important is you need to make a good design of an outdoor kiosk for your coffee business.

For the outdoor kiosk for your coffee business, we need to make it suitable for coffee. When people want to have a cup of coffee, they can remember your shop. If you do not have any idea about the outdoor kiosk, hope this post can give you some suggestions.


Coffee outdoor booth customize factory

Design of the outdoor cafe booth

If you want to make a coffee outdoor kiosk but not too big size. You can take a look at this design for reference. The size is about 3x2m of this outdoor food booth.

It can for 1 or 2 workers to work inside. The outdoor coffee kiosk has 4 sides, one side for the entrance door and the other sides all for the window with the menu.

We can see from the 3d design of this outdoor cafe stand use for outdoor, it is a simple design with white color. Under the countertop of outside it has the led strip light to light up.


Outdoor coffee kiosk structure 

For the structure of the outdoor coffee kiosk, we will divide the whole set into two parts. Because the outdoor food kiosk a whole set with the top is too high then it can not fit inside the container.

The height we need to make is not higher than 2.4m. As a 40HQ container max height is 2.4m. Meanwhile, the width of the container also has the limitation. We can make the width within 2.2m.

We can customize the outdoor food kiosk with your location size. So if your location size is not this size is also ok, we can make the outdoor kiosk demountable.


The material of the outdoor coffee kiosk

Menu and logo of the outdoor cafe kiosk

We can make the window with your menu on it. Then the customer can see what you sell. And the top we can customize with the brand logo for you. The logo because it is used for the outdoor so it must use good quality. For the logo of the outdoor coffee kiosk, we can use an acrylic or stainless steel logo.

The surface material of the outdoor coffee booth

Because the food kiosk needs to use in outdoor, we need good and strong material. For the surface material of the outdoor coffee booth, we suggest to use metal frame with the aluminum-plastic panel. Also, for the window, we need to use strong glass material.

Food counter material of the outdoor coffee kiosk

Inside the outdoor coffee kiosk, we need the work counter to make the foods or drinks. For the inside work counter, we will use plywood wooden body with the aluminum-plastic panel. Stainless steel counter also a good choice.


Customize outdoor food kiosk design service

Customize design service

Because we are a customize kiosk factory, so we offer a customized design service as well. Our design team can make a new outdoor coffee kiosk design for you. This design is only for you and based on the requirement you need.

About the design deposit

We will charge a 300$ for the design deposit of the outdoor coffee kiosk. This is a small deposit for a start and will deduct from the total cost when you order.

This is for our better cooperation. And it is worth it for a professional design service.

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