Best price indoor mall food kiosk design chocolate kiosk for sale

Nowadays, many businesses have started to do the chocolate business. The most popular one is DIY chocolate, which is a chocolate shop where customers can make their own. Not only the chocolate has a wide variety of patterns and outstanding taste. But the investment is small, the materials are also very cheap, and the profit is considerable. If you want to start a chocolate business, you can try to open a chocolate kiosk in the shopping mall for a start.

Chocolate mall food kiosk design

This is a chocolate kiosk size of about 5x2m. For the left side of the chocolate kiosk, it is an arch shape counter with a wood strip design. The arch shape counter has some round toppings with a glass cover. This toppings area is for the staff to prepare the food material here. You can see on the 3d design, the glass of this arch shape is bend glass because the counter is round shape. The process of the bend glass is more complicated than ordinary tempered glass, and the price is more expensive. Because the yield of the bend glass is not high, so it needs better technology and raw materials.


Customize the food counter 3D design

In the next moment, please follow me to the right side of the chocolate kiosk. On the right side of the chocolate kiosk, we have a long square counter with two stations for the cashier register. And near this long square counter, it has a small higher wall. This higher wall we designed is to cover the inside equipment. In order to the customer cannot see the equipment from outside. And for more beauty of the whole effect of the chocolate kiosk.

For the back side of the chocolate kiosk, there are some high wall display showcases. Those display showcase on the back side of the chocolate kiosk we will use to display some products and for storage something like cups, straws and so on. On the far left of the back side counter, it has a coffee machine and water sink. On the countertop of the back side counter, you can put some other small equipment too. Like blenders, grinders, juice machines and so on. For the other equipment under the countertop, we can leave the space for you. Please send us the size of the equipment then we can leave the correct space for you.

How to customize the chocolate kiosk design?

For all the kiosks we don’t have them in stock because all the kiosks are customized. We can customize the chocolate kiosk with your shopping mall location size and your logo. For the chocolate kiosk design, we will charge 300$ design deposit. But this is just a small part of the total cost of the chocolate kiosk. So it will deduct from the total amount to you. We can make the changes for you if you think the design not good.

For the material for the customize kiosk, we will use plywood with laminate or MDF with baking paint. But for the food kiosk, plywood with laminate is better because it is more strong, waterproof and fireproof. For the countertop, we can use black quartz stone or man-made stone.

We will send the construction drawing with all the details to you. The construction drawing includes all the details like the size, material, color and so on. You can send the construction drawing to the shopping mall management for approval. After we get the approval from the shopping mall, we can start the production.



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