Australia eyebrow bar 5x2m customize size eyebrow threading kiosk

Eyebrow threading service is one of the common businesses in Australia. Many people from India and Pakistan immigrate to Australia, UK and USA  to do eyebrow business. Because this is a kind of business easy to start and does not need a lot of budget.

To start such a business you can make an eyebrow threading kiosk first to open it in the shopping mall. Below is an Australia eyebrow bar 5x2m customize size eyebrow threading kiosk design. Let us introduce the details and hope you can like it.



The size of this eyebrow bar kiosk is 5x2m. This is the size of the customer provided to us. He got this location in the shopping mall and asked the mall manager for his location size. Under normal conditions, you need to make a logo for your brand. This logo can use as your business name and represent your company.

A whole eyebrow threading kiosk includes a cashier counter, 4 mirror stations and a waiting area for the customer to wait and have a rest. This is the standard layout of an eyebrow kiosk. We can make the layout of the eyebrow kiosk according to your need.



After you get a location in the shopping mall, please check the size and get back to us. Our design team can make a new 3d model for your eyebrow kiosk based on your location size. You can send us your idea about the color, the logo, and the layout of the eyebrow kiosk. Our designer will make them in the 3d design and show them to you.

For a customize eyebrow kiosk design will charge a 300USD design deposit. This is for our better cooperation and we will send the customize design to you in 3-5 working days.

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