4.3x2m Simple style eyebrow kiosk design shipped to the mall in UK

The mall kiosk not only can use to sell products but also can offer the service to the customer. You can learn a technique like beauty nails, eyebrow threading or hair cutting and so on. This is a 4.3x2m simple style eyebrow kiosk design we just shipped to the mall in UK. Let us see the details of this eyebrow kiosk design.



This is an eyebrow service mall kiosk that has 2 mirror stations. With a cashier counter and a small desk, and this is a simple design with white color. It has a sofa for the customers to sit and wait. On the eyebrow kiosk design, we put the lighted logo and lighted box with the price list or posters. We can also make it advertising TV so that you can play the pictures and videos then you can show your customers what service you can offer.


For the material of almost the mall service kiosk, we will use MDF with baking paint. For the wooden body, we will use MDF to make and surface finish we will make 5 times base coat and 2 times surface coat. In a whole eyebrow kiosk, we will install the lights, logo, same lock with key, led strip light, all the wires and sockets. So that you can use the eyebrow kiosk directly when you receive it.


Please feel free to contact us to make a customized 3d eyebrow kiosk design. Our professional design team will make it with the layout you want and fit your business. The color and the size we can customize according to your requirements. You can see the whole effect of the 3d design of how it will look like. Then we can make the changes for you if you want.

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