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eyebrow kiosk

Eyebrow threading kiosk is a good place to provide eyebrow threading service, spa service, and eyelash extension service. Today, I want to share a nice eyebrow threading kiosk here. It is used at the mall in Adelaide, Australia.

White eyebrow threading kiosk design

This eyebrow threading kiosk includes working stations, a cashier counter, a sitting sofa, a spa bed, and a brand logo. It also has a wall surrounded by 3 sides, only the front has an entrance door, which can protect clients’ privacy. However, this eyebrow threading kiosk has white color outside and inner in black color, under mall rules.

eyebrow threading kioskEyebrow threading stations

Its total has 3 eyebrow threading work tables on the right wall. Clients accept eyebrow threading kiosks here. There is a mirror with LED light attached to the wall, under the counter are drawers to place hair tools and items. Inside is a long counter with a cabinet for storage.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set near the entrance on the right side. It uses as a checking-out table and reception desk. Therefore, the brand logo attaches to the front wall, which allows people to view and remember your shop better.

eyebrow bar counter


The sofa behind the cashier counter is a location for companions. And the bottom has a cabinet to increase the storage area. It has a black cushion.

Spa bed area

The inside room has a spa bed, it has a socket to use. It also has a wall to separate inside and outside rooms.


This kiosk has mirror light, lightbox posters, which are good for work and can highlight the eyebrow threading kiosk. We can also add floor lights to attracts people.

Produce photos show

We can see the real product looks and can also know how to use the eyebrow threading kiosk. This eyebrow threading kiosk is made up of MDF and a baking paint surface. Besides, you can change it to other colors and materials that match your business.

beauty shop eyebrow stand brow counter

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