The newest eyebrow threading kiosk shipped to Sydney, Australia

If you are planning to open a small business, it has many options for you to start. But before you start a kind of business, you have to do some preparation. If you do eyebrow business, you need to have this skill or hire a technical. Below is the newest eyebrow threading kiosk we just shipped to Sydney, Australia.



The size of this eyebrow threading kiosk is 5 x 3 m. Inside has 3 mirror stations, 1 water sink, 1 cashier counter and a waiting area. Both sides has an entrance door, they are sliding door. The surface finish of the eyebrow kiosk has the 3d hollow out lighted logo, 2 lighted boxes to put the menu, price list or poster. And we make it with an advertising TV then you can play pictures or videos to advertise your brand and services.

After you confirm the final 3d design and construction drawing, we will send it to the factory and start production. The material of the eyebrow kiosk is MDF with baking paint. You can choose the color of the eyebrow threading kiosk as you like. Not suggest to make it more than two colors. For all the drawers and cabinets we will install the same lock with key.



A whole eyebrow threading kiosk we will divide it into a few parts. You can check the layout on the construction drawing and how it is separated. Our factory will install the logo, lights, and everything. When you receive the eyebrow threading kiosk, open all of them and put them together.

Please connect the male and female connectors to the power supply for the shopping mall. Then the eyebrow threading kiosk will work. If you do not know how to do it, please feel free to ask us for help.

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