The summer is coming slowly, bringing endless heat. Friends who want to start their own business, this time, but a good opportunity to sell ice cream food. 

Because ice cream is a food that young people and children can’t resist. If you drive to the bustling section, people want to stay. Ice cream has a lot of flavors and good taste. Everyone likes the fragrant milky taste or the silky taste. This kind of food has a wide variety of styles, and there is always a mood for this moment. This is even a symbol of the quality of life of a person. Although it is small, it still has many guests.

The fashion and temptation of ice cream can be felt through a circle of friends. Seeing that everyone else is so good at shopping, watching movies, and eating such lovely food, it will cause various follow-ups. When will there be a net red shape, which will cause many guests to come here.

ice cream food kiosk

ice cream food kiosk

This design is very attractive and colorful. The material is MDF with baking paint. The countertop we use is white man-made stone.

Please see the below real feedback picture from our customer:

ice cream food kiosk

How to start the ice cream kiosk design from our company?

Contact us for your requirements, your favorite design or style.

If you have your own logo, please send to us. We can make a new ice cream kiosk design with your logo.

For the design, we will charge 300 USD design deposit. But it will return to you when order the kiosk, so actually, it is for free.

We will send the 3D DESIGN DRAWING to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Let us know your ideas about the design, our designer will revise the design until you satisfied with it.

The factory will start production after you confirm the final design.

Any questions please feel free to contact us on Email:

Whatsapp: +86-18823466142

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